Hey guys, I’m really sorry, but this just doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out. People aren’t responding and I just don’t know if I can get it launched. If enough people message me that they really do want to do this I may reconsider, but otherwise it seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that there’s no god-modding :) Also, just reblog to the person’s post to reply. Can’t wait to really get into gear RPing with all of you! As soon as I’m on break I’ll do some more promo-ing and try to get people involved!


On another note, I just finished An Abundance of Katherines and will be starting on those bios shortly :)

Make that after finals…


Alright everyone, we’re starting tomorrow! Or today, I mean, there’s only an hour of it left for me anyway haha. We’ll start the Culver Creek even without Alaska to give Joey a bit more time. Check here for details. Remember to tag starters with tfiostart :) Also, feel free to start more threads with other characters, whether they’re in your event or not!


We’re still waiting on Joey but if there’s no response by Sunday we’re just going to get started… Thanks for the patience everyone!

Who’s ready?

This is mostly just for me, Admin Ali, to keep track of who has liked this post. If you’re in the RP and haven’t liked it yet, please do :) If you’re not in the RP but would like to be then we’d love to see your app!

[] Hazel

[✓] Augustus

[  ] Alaska

[✓] Isaac

[✓] Miles

[✓] Margo

On another note, I just finished An Abundance of Katherines and will be starting on those bios shortly :)

Opening Soon!

Hi everyone! We’ll be opening soon! Since those of us in America have got Thanksgiving to worry about it’ll probably happen over the weekend or early next week. I’ll post something on this blog when that happens :)

When we open you will be free to create paras, conversations, or whatever with any of the characters you’d like! Don’t feel confined to people from the same book, because everyone lives in the same town!

We’re also going to have an two events running. Please see the events page for explanations.*

A few things to note:

  • Paper Towns characters attend Culver Creek. You may choose if they are Weekday Warriors or if they commute to school but still hang out with the scholarship kids. Just make that clear to your RP partners before RPing! :)
  • TFiOS characters may attend Culver Creek if they wish. If they do please include this fact somewhere on their blog.
  • Augustus and Hazel are together, and Isaac and Monica will be together once she is cast. Apart from that do what you want, but remember to check with your RP partner first!
  • Finally, make sure you’re following everyone and tracking tfiosrpfollow, tfiosrpunfollow, and tfiostart. Also add the tag tfiosadmin to your tracked tags :)

*I will post something when these events are to begin, and I’ll tell you about when that’ll be when I post about the RP opening. When the event starts the person listed first on the event page may post a starter and tag it tfiostart. Then play may begin!

Please like this post to demonstrate that you’ve read it and are ready to play!

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